Address: 700 Ave. Miramar San Juan, PR 00907

Phone: 787-587-1982


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About hielo

HIELO is Sofia Maldonado's studio space, located in the historic Caribbean neighborhood of Miramar in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In 2017, it opened as a residency space for artist founded by contemporary artist Sofia Maldonado and Berlin-based creative Nicole Rodríguez Woods.

Post-Hurricane Maria, it transformed into HIELO | Creative Workshop Space (2019).

It provides a temporary workshop space for artists, writers, and designers looking to share their knowledge with the public. This unique experience allows you to connect with your audience in a more human way.

Located in the heart of Puerto Rico’s contemporary cultural renaissance, it is the prime spot for artists eager to be at the center of the island's effervescent Caribbean culture. 

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Working language(s) are English and/or Spanish.


It is HIELO's mission to introduce and network visiting artists with the local Puerto Rico scene in an effort to enhance cultural exchange, understanding, and add value to the historic district of Miramar and Santurce specifically.